COVID-19 Company Procedure

COVID-19 Company Procedure 1 Alaska Home Inspection

At Alaska Home Inspection we value our inspectors, clients & home owner SAFETY as our highest priority. This has been our goal from the first day the company was established. This is why we have mandated that this procedure be obeyed by our inspection team. The follow steps below is how we will insure the safety of our clients, home owner & inspectors. 

We will ask that our clients, realtors and home owners NOT be present at the time of the inspection. This is for everyone’s safety. 

  1.  Inspectors are required to pass InterNACHI’s “COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors Course” with a score of no less than 100% before being allow to perform an inspection.
  2. Inspectors are to leave from their home and travel directly to the property to be inspected. This means not stopping by anywhere prior to the inspection.
  3. Inspectors will disinfect all tools prior to getting started with the inspection as per the CDC recommendations for how to clean and disinfect.
  4.  Before entering the property the inspector will be required to wear a mask, latex gloves and  boot covers or clean shoes.
  5. The inspector is to disinfect a surface prior to and after touching a surface as long as the surface they are touching is not energized.
  6. After the inspection is complete the inspector will dispose of mask, latex gloves and boot covers after disinfecting of all tools.
  7. The inspector will then notify the client or realtor that the inspection has been completed and debrief them on the findings for the inspection.
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